Individual Sessions

Individual Feldenkrais Lessons

Individualised Wellbeing Sessions

One-on-one lessons focused on learning how to move with greater ease and comfort.   You do not need to move through life in pain or with dysfunction.  Your nervous system can find new and easier ways to move--it is designed to do exactly that!

Many times in life we have had to act in a certain way to cope with and survive the experiences that have presented themselves—from an injury that never fully healed, to stress at the office, overwhelm from juggling life responsibilities, or even deeper traumas. When these experiences are not processed, they remain stuck in the body, bringing difficulty to every day life.   Through these one-on-one Feldenkrais lessons I will help you discover your habits and, in turn, you will find easier ways to move through life.

120 CHF / 60 MIN

Author Frank Anderson once said "Trauma is actually a violation of trust," and I love this definition because it says exactly what we will reclaim and restore in these one-on-one sessions:  self-awareness,  self-connection, and ultimately self trust. 

Your wellbeing comes from inner clarity and organisation within your mind and your body.   How we act in the world is a reflection of what our inner system perceives, thinks, and feels.   But when trauma happens, especially as a child or a young adult, your inner system gets confused, and usually,  self connection and self trust is sacrificed at the expense of survival (care and love from a caregiver).

In these sessions we begin by mapping out your hopes and goals, and create a plan of how to achieve them.   Drawing on the various modalities I have trained in (namely the Feldenkrais Method, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Polyvagal Theory, Body Mind Centering (BMC)), each session is then subsequently designed to help you understand your own system and rediscover your embodied sense of self, bringing you greater ease in life and more inner peace.  You will ultimately find yourself more resilient and more able to cope with life's demands,  since your own connection to self has been restored.

135 CHF / 60 MIN

165 CHF / 90 MIN