Feldenkrais Method & Mind-Body Wellbeing

in Basel Stadt & Basel Land

You are capable of becoming your own medicine. Your mind and body are connected and both are needed for whole healing to occur. Tension, pain, and unease in daily life are feelings that must be understood before they can shift. Ultimately, the body holds the key to self healing, but when access to self is blocked, the self healing can be slow or inaccessible. OSOA bridges the gap of what's missing in traditional bodywork and traditional psychotherapy--and brings about internal and external whole system healing that lasts.

In-Person Classes

Specialised 6-week classes that dive into a specific healing modality that bring you more in touch with your own body, activate your own healing capabilities, and integrate learnings in a coherent and cohesive way.

Individual Feldenkrais Sessions

One-on-one traditional Feldenkrais lessons focused on learning how to move with greater ease and comfort. Receive a personalised plan aligned with your goals.

Individual Wellbeing Sessions

One-on-one sessions that combine many healing modalities in one.  These sessions are designed to navigate you through your wellbeing journey using techniques tailored to your exact needs. Includes a personalised plan that aligns with your goals.

«Movement is life; without movement life is unthinkable.»